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Transformation and renewal are central topics in the Hennecke GROUP. In the last issue of INNOVATIONS, we already presented our path to Hennecke 2.0. In this issue, we show why the hot topic of ESG has been at the center of this transformation process from the very beginning. Because ESG values are the basis of our actions in all areas: In accordance with our Vision & Mission and in line with our Core Values, we want to be able to explain to future generations with a clear conscience how we do business in the Hennecke GROUP. We take responsibility – for our company, our employees, society and our environment with the products and services we offer on the market. The Hennecke Business System with its culture of success and Management by Objectives promotes transparency, authenticity and a trusting cooperation with our stakeholders as the basis of our actions. For this reason, Hennecke GROUP will already publish its first sustainability report at the end of the year, which will document in detail the goals we are striving for, the planned ways to achieve them, and the measures already implemented to accomplish them.

In order to also make it easier for our customers to achieve their ESG goals, we are continuously improving our product and service portfolio and adapting it to current and, above all, future requirements. On the one hand, this is reflected in new, even more efficient products characterized by lower energy requirements, higher precision or better raw material efficiency. On the other hand, through innovative and intelligent software solutions that open up entirely new worlds for our machines and plants with the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence. And it is not only the current product portfolio that benefits from this. Since Hennecke plants are often in use for several decades, they can also be raised to a whole new level again with new software.

One of the highlights of the year and our pride and joy is the presentation of the new TOPLINE MK2, the top model of our high-pressure metering machines, which now completes the range of Next Generation Metering Machines. It is the impressive result of three years of development work, which is reflected in every detail of the machine. This premium product opens up undreamt-of possibilities for users and processors of polyurethane at a previously unattained level of quality.

We invite you to read about our current activities and products in this issue of INNOVATIONS. We hope you enjoy reading


Thomas Wildt,
CEO Hennecke GROUP

Thomas Wildt - CEO Hennecke GROUP
Thomas Wildt – CEO Hennecke GROUP

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